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16th Asia Games 2010 – Men Singles Badminton Finals (Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan)

November 27, 2010

I was looking forward to this match up at the start of the Asia Games 2010. I knew it was going to be great finals where World No. 1 Lee Chong Wei who has not won the Asia Games before will be here to prove himself again against one of the greatest badminton players of all time Lin Dan. Lin Dan on the other hand, has won all major titles in the world except the Asia Games. This was truely a matchup I couldn’t miss.

Chong Wei returning a shot (Photo's by Getty Images)

This time around before the game, I had a feeling that it just could be Chong Wei’s time to take revenge against his fellow rival. Chong Wei looked fitter and stronger in the early individual rounds whereby Lin Dan, didnt look at sharp as he was when he won the Beijing Olympics in 2008. However, we all knew that Lin Dan had the home advantage and the only way that Chong Wei could win would be to stay mentally focused and strong.

At the start of the first few points, one thing I notice about Chong Wei is that he has improved in his confidence and he could match Lin Dan. One thing I did was I underestimated Lin Dan who was just following Chong Wei’s style of play. At times it looked like Lin Dan was fooling around with Chong Wei. Chong Wei could not find a hole in the great wall’s defence which lead to the long rallies. Lin Dan took the first game easily 21-13.

In the second, Lin Dan took himself from 5th gear to 3rd gear.. He started the game slowly and Chong Wei took advantage of that to take a huge lead at the start. It started to get interesting as it would Lin Dan fight back in the second game or would he just give away the second game? China’s head coach Yong Bo said that Lin Dan wasn’t at his best fitness levels before the tournament hence my guess was Lin Dan would give the game up. But what I loved bout Lin Dan was the way he pushed the long rallies in the second game with the objective of tiring Chong Wei in the 3rd set. There were some lovely rallies in the first 2 sets which was one my fav of the higlights in the tournament. Chong Wei won the game 15-21.
Great wall of Lin Dan

Great wall of Lin Dan (Photo's by Getty Images)

Now it was the final set, everyone in Malaysia was buzzing that there is hope for Chong Wei to bag the country their next Gold medal. Little did we know that Lin Dan, had lots more up his racket. What he did was a true masterclass as he started to play a different style of play compared to what he had done in the 1st and 2nd. He started to play a very aggresive start and he was attacking lots in the first few points. When Lin Dan starts playing at that pace, it was very difficult for Chong Wei to keep up  and Lin Dan was leading 11-1 at one point. This truely showcased the ability of the World No. 2 as a true legend. He took the final set easily 21-10 to be crowed the 2010 Asia Games Badminton – Men’s Singles Champion.

To me it was a really great game to watch between the two best players in the world and I would say this was one of the best matchup’s between Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Congrats to both Lin Dan and Chong Wei for putting up a great display of badminton.

Lin Dan wins the Asia Games

Lin Dan wins the Asia Games (Photo's by Getty Images)Lin Dan's tribute to the fans (Photo by Getty Images)

Well I believe a badminton fan shouldn’t have missed the game for the world.. however if you did miss it, pls say thank you to smkmegah in YouTube for sharing the video with ya’ll 🙂 Enjoy the game peeps!

Btw, I know I have not been updating frequently, however I promise to be more active in the coming months 🙂 What you could do is to follow me on twitter or “like” me in the Facebook 🙂

Asia Games 2010 – Men Singles Badminton Finals

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 1

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 2

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 3

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 4

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 5

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Part 6

Ciao Da Maoz


Lin Dan’s new advertisement

June 4, 2010

Here’s Lin Dan’s new ad for Kia Forte and Li Ning.

Pretty cool ad for Li Ning. I wish there were more ads on other badminton products shown here in Malaysia.

Lin Dan surely valued himself pretty well in China.

Lin Dan-cing @ Thomas Cup 2010

June 4, 2010

Did you guys see the victory dance by Lin Dan.. well the finals was a great game to watch and the winning dance was even greater. This is why he’s the best player in the world. Not only he can entertain us in the court, at times he does it on the dance floor 🙂

There is another video which shows Lin Dan dancing in a group during his birthday.. So to all Lin Dan fans, enjoy the videos.

Smashing Lin Dan

June 4, 2010

Here’s are 2 videos which looks at Lin Dan’s smash. He has the accuracy, the strength and great technique.

He has the speed to always be ahead of the shuttle to position himself for a good smash. If you take a look at this video, you’ll see why.. On top of that, he jumps as high as 2-3 feet from the ground easily. With that heigh and strenght, he creates the angle’s he wants to line up his smash. His smashes are all very steep into the front court.

Its time to try it out at your next badminton session 🙂

Taufik’s smash @ 305kmh

June 4, 2010

Taufik is certainly one of the best players we’ve seen… He has great technique and natural talent.. These kind of smashes rarely comes by in the Men’s singles. Have a look at his jumping smash which reaches 305kmh.. Great technique and strength from Taufik.

Lin Dan – Skill or a camera trick?

June 4, 2010

Well found this on facebook one day and I thought it was a pretty cool video by Li Ning.. similar to the Nike Ad of a footballer hitting the post with the ball..

What do you think? Real of fake?

looks pretty impressive doesnt it.. well no one on earth can hit those shots into a shuttle tube just like that 😛 if you have a closer look at the cam, you’ll know the answer..



Thomas Cup 2010 – LIVE in Malaysia

May 9, 2010

Been pretty busy these days with work and with limited time, I’ve been finding it difficult to blog.. However, the biggest tournament of the year is in Malaysia and how can I miss such a blogging occasion? 🙂 It’s time to eat badminton, sleep badminton and talk badminton again..

This years Thomas Cup to me will be one of the most exciting Thomas Cup for Malaysians. Few reason to this..

1. We’re playing on home soil.. The home crowd will give M’sia an edge over the rest due to the hardcore fans who will be cheering for their home nation. Because of this, the last time we won the Thomas Cup in 1992 was due to our home crowd support..

2. We’ve got a strong team overall..  one of the strongest M’sian team since 1992. We have on paper, World No. 1 in Singles thru Chong Wei and World No.1 in doubles thru Tan Boon Heong and KKK.. 2 points look solid for us and all we need is for Choon Han or our second doubles to deliver.

MALAYSIA: Lee Chong Wei, Wong Choong Hann, Muhd Hafiz Hashim, Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong, Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif/Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari.

3. Its been 18 years since we have won the cup.. We’re Hungryyyy to bring the Thomas Cup back!

To all M’sian Fans out there.. the impossible looks possible this year.. Hang in there and lets cheer M’sia on..

But wait.. its not going to be an easy road for M’sia.. to me there are 4 teams which have the players to take us down. China, Korea, Denmark and Indonesia can be a worry to us… but I honestly think that we’ll make it to the Semi’s easily..

To all your badminton lovers dont forget to catch the games LIVE on TV or online thru The group stages are all free however you’ll need to pay for the knock-out stages.

Here’s one of my fav moments as a Malaysian kid supporting our country to glory in 1992. At that time Rashid Sidek was my hero 🙂

Here’s a classic game between Rashid vs Ardy..

Malaysia 1- 0 Indonesia

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 You’ll see the ending of the singles followed by Razif and Jalani vs  Eddy Hartono & Rudy Gunawan

This time around Malaysia 1-1 Indonesia

Part 4 After the doubles, you’ll see M’sia fight back thru Foo Kok Keong who beats Alan Budi Kasuma

Part 5 Now Malaysia leads 2-1 Indonesia. Here comes the most important game of the day. Cheah Soon Kit/Soo Beng Kiang vs Ricky and Rexy

Finally Malaysia bags the Thomas Cup after 25 years 🙂 3-1.

Dont miss the action of the 2010 Thomas Cup as this may just be Malaysia’s year!

Ciao da mao

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