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Victor Korea Open Super Series Premier 2011 – Womens Doubles Finals

January 30, 2011

The womens doubles in the past year has improved so much.. They are playing more and more like how the men plays doubles. What I love about the finals is the way both Chinese pairs play on the attack. It reminds me of how we used to play 😛

The finals this time around is between no other than the 2 best pairs in the world. This is the second time these pairs are playing each other this year (2 tournaments so far). Zhao and Tian took the Malaysia Open 21-12 6-21 21-17.

Source Getty Images

[CHN] Qing Tian [8]
[CHN] Yunlei Zhao

Wang Xiaoli & Yu Yang took the first game 21-18 but it was no easy game.. both teams were intercepting the drives in the front of the court and both of the pairs were trying to keep the ball as low as possible.

In the second game, Zhao Yunlei and Tian Qing took 44 minutes to take the game. The final rally of the game was so exciting as Wang and Yu were attacking during the entire rally till there was one point whereby Yu  and Wang managed to smash their way to the front of the court. In a different day, I bet they would have won the point but today, Zhao and Tian managed to an amazing job to defend that front court smash to win the point and game 21-19. From what I hear from the commentator, there were 216 rallies in the game which is a tournament record.

The 3rd game seems to be going Wang Xiaoli & Yu Yang’s way as Tian and Zhao seem to be looking tired in the game. Wang and Yu have changed their game to a more positive approach as they have been attacking throughout the first half. They lead 11-2. In doubles, the team which attacks or creates more attacking play will win it.  It is hardly you find women doing jumping smashes, and the only few you’ll see smash like that is Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang.

What I love is the way Wang and Yu complements each other whereby on the attack, whenever the back person smashes, the front partners hands are always up waiting to follow up with a half court return of the oponent. Their attacking ways paid off when they took the final set 21-4. It was an easy win and it was a great game to watch..

Congrats to Wang Xiaoli & Yu Yang!

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