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China Open Super Series 2010 – Semi Finals Review

December 4, 2010

Straight after the Asia games, we have the China Open Super Series.. For this tournament it looks like China has dominated the tournament. Out of 10 Semi’s matches, China has a player in each category except the second semis of the Men’s doubles which is an all Korean affair.

In the womens singles, we had the 1st upset where Wang Shixian ranked 3rd in the tournament defeated the top seed Wang Xin 21-18  & 21-16. The game was pretty exciting to watch as both players were battling neck to neck for each point. Wang Shixian covered the court pretty well and she played some superb net plays during the game. The game lasted for 48 minutes and there were many good rallies which has a good variety of net play, smashes and some good defending..

In the women’s singles finals, I would hope to see Wang Yihan vs Wang Shixian play. Both players are young and play with great energy hence it would make it a lovely finals to watch. Dont you guys think that Wang Shixian is the Maria Sharapova in badminton? 🙂 she screams each time she gets a point and her gestures during the shout is similar to Maria Sharapova..

Am watching the next game which is another all Chinese affair between Chen Jin and Chen Long.. Cheng Long had a walkover in the quarter finals when Lin Dan pulled out due to an injury.. In the first half of the first set, it looks like a tight game where both players are trying to control the game.. Chen Long looks sharper and I love his cross court smashes which has been giving him a couple of points already.. He leads 11-9 in the first set.. Well I think Chen Jin will take the game in 2 sets if he starts to attack.. We’ll lets see if my predictions come true..

*Oh man.. looks like Chen Long won the first set 22-20.. Chen Jin was leading 20-18 and failed to finish the game.. I still think Chen Jin will win it..

What I’m looking forward to is the men’s doubles between Lee yong Dae/Jung Jae Sung ranked 4th vs Yoo Yeon Seong/Ko Huen Sung ranked 7th. I think the 4th seeds will take the semi’s and take the championship too.. In the quarters, the beat China’s top pair Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun 21-19 19-21 21-8 in 1 hour 7 minutes. Lets see if the Koreans can end the year with a bang. 

 Well to all those who want to catch the games online LIVE from Justin TV and Sopcast.
Here’s the timing and the match schedules for ya’ll badminton lovers..

  1. Starting at 12:00 PM WS
Shixian Wang [3] [CHN]
[CHN] Xin Wang [1]
21-18 21-16 0:48
   2. Followed by MS
Jin Chen [3] [CHN]
[CHN] Long Chen [5]
   3. Followed by XD
Nan Zhang [5] [CHN]
Yunlei Zhao [CHN]
[MAS] Peng Soon Chan
[MAS] Liu Ying Goh
   4. Followed by XD
Tao Jiaming [CHN]
Qing Tian [CHN]
[CHN] Hanbin He
[CHN] Jin Ma
   5. Followed by MS
Chunlai Bao [8] [CHN]
[CHN] Pengyu Du
   6. Starting at 7:00 PM WS
Yanjiao Jiang [4] [CHN]
[CHN] Yihan Wang [2]
   7. Followed by WD
Jin Ma [CHN]
Qianxin Zhong [CHN]
[KOR] Jung Eun Ha [8]
[KOR] Kyung Eun Jung
   8. Followed by MD
Chieh Min Fang [6] [TPE]
Sheng Mu Lee [TPE]
[CHN] Biao Chai
[CHN] Nan Zhang
   9. Followed by WD
Pan Pan [5] [CHN]
Qing Tian [CHN]
[CHN] Shu Cheng [2]
[CHN] Yunlei Zhao
   10. Followed by MD
Jae Sung Jung [4] [KOR]
Yong Dae Lee [KOR]
[KOR] Sung Hyun Ko [7]
[KOR] Yeon Seong Yoo
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  1. December 30, 2010 8:02 pm

    ‘Wang Shixian is the Maria Sharapova in badminton’ – no, far better at her own game than Maria!

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