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Lin Dan’s interview after winning the Asia Games

November 28, 2010

Didnt know Lin Dan does quite well when it comes to answering the media. I guess he has been well trained to answer serious questions on his game, his gestures & his relationship..

Lin Dan showing his gratitude to his fans

Lin Dan showing his gratitude to his fans (Photo by Getty Images)

He seem to be humbled by his winning and he did show respect to his fans and Chong Wei too 🙂 Will he really retire after 2 more years? Well I guess the Olympics is his next goal.. Then only I think he’ll get married and produce some future little super Dan’s in the future.. 

To sum it up, Lin Dan is a great character on and off the court.. There are some others too who are great people with the press such as Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade.. There is so much I can talk about Taufik as he’s another really fun character.. howeevr We’ll talk about Taufik soon 🙂

Enjoy the Press Conference peeps.. Again do follow me in Facebook or Twitter.

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