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Shuttletalks – RCL Gold No.1 Shuttlecock review

November 27, 2010

I owe this post to RCL who was so kind to send me the RCL Gold No.1 shuttles a couple of months back for me to try it out. Sorry that it took so long ya as I’ve been super busy with work and family 🙂

Cost of badminton has incrased so much these days. The rackets, strings, shoes, clothes and shuttles have all increased thru the years. Comparing to tennis, squash, table tennis and other racket games, I honestly feel that badmiton is becoming the most expensive racket sport to play. What I find most expensive among other badminton equipment is the shuttles. As when we compare to years ago, the game today is becoming a faster and more aggresive.  Saying this, what do I look for in a shuttle these days are based 3 things: Firstly the durability of the shuttle, secondly the cost and finally the flight.

Tried the premium RCL shuttles before this and knowing that the Gold No.1 is a lower grade shuttle, I found this a good avenue to put the shuttle to the test. What we did was at the first time of trying the shuttles, we tried to start out with some slow rallies in the game. One thing we notice throught out the rally that there was no difference in speed. After a few points (5 points), we notice that there is a slight speed change to the shuttle. The shuttle was still steady but it started to slow down slightly. Comparing to the other brands of shuttles in the same grade, to me this was slightly longer lasting for rallies in the 5 points. We continued to play on by having a variety or lobs and chops, as we went on, the shuttle started to change its form and speed in the next 7 points or so. We continued playing to test the durability of the shuttle with the same techniques and it only lasted a couple of points more.

Moving on, we tried shuttle No. 2. This time around, we tried it in the doubles games where there were loads of smashing. We tried smashing as much as we could for each point and we could estimate a total of 6-8 smashes per point. The shuttle did manage to last for at least 7-11 points which was good for a shuttle in this grade. The speed changed when we kicked in the 4th point onwards.

The overall flight of the shuttles was good however in 1 tube, there were 1 or 2 shuttles which had a different speed. The durability of the shuttle didnt last as long as the premium shuttles, however for the value you are paying for the shuttle, I think its value for money. Overall durability is slightly above average however it depends alot on the style of play. The more you slice the RCL Gold No.1 the faster it gets out of shape hence I recommend that you have the right hitting technique to get the most out of the RCL Gold No. 1.

I’ve been using this shuttle ever since I’ve tried it out a couple of months back and so far its been doing good for me. I’ve managed to buy this shuttle below RM 50 from some friends who own shops. For a shuttle of this grade, I would rate it above average 🙂

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