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Indonesian Open 2009 – Semi Finals

June 20, 2009

it has been a while since i have written a post as time has not been on my side. What excites me this time around is the Indonesian Open 2009 mens singles. we have 2 local favourites in the semis playing againts 2 other world class players.

i was shocked to see lin dan go down to chen jin in 3 sets in the quarters. i was looking forward to another lin dan vs chong wei finals but i guess by lin dan out, the tournament is more open. We have Taufik who is the crowd fav vs sony dwi. this is a difficult game to pick a winner, but somehow i feel taufik will take this game. In the other semis we have chong wei vs chen jin. My gut feel tells me that chong wei will take this game easily to create a fun and exciting finals vs a local favourite.

here is why i feel it would be a great finals with the fans supporting taufik or sony.. not too sure if chong wei can take the supporters chants.. its  going to be a great finals!

ciao da mao


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