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All England 2009 – Semi Finals Mens Singles Taufik Hidayat vs Lee Chong Wei

March 7, 2009

Building up to this great matchup, Lee Chong Wei is the favourite to win as he had some easy matches leading up to the semi’s. Taufik however had to play some difficult games which would have worn him out a little before the semi’s match.

In terms of fitness, Lee Chong Wei wins hands down. In terms of movement around the courts, Lee Chong Wei is much faster compared to the aged taufik. Taufik however is a smarter player compared to Lee Chong Wei and he makes up for the loss of speed and fitness with some brilliant game plays to suit his style. Taufik’s strokes are better however when he starts to feel tired, thats when he looses focus and that would be a good thing for Lee Chong Wei. If Lee Chong Wei takes Taufik to 3 sets, the game would favour the Malaysian. Taufik however does not look at sharp and conditioned for the semi but I’m looking forward to this great matchup and hope both of them put on a good show for all the badminton lovers from around the world.

Lets see what do you all think?

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