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Badminton basics: The Lob

March 3, 2009

I started playing badminton when I was 5 years old. I owe my dad and mom for everything I am today and for buying me my first badminton racket. I can still remember playing badminton with a plastic racket my dad bought which started everything. I used to play with him and me bro outside our grandmothers house in PJ together with my cousin Barry, Jerry & uncle Chris.

Badminton was a great activity my family and I would play and its a sport which bonded us together. After a couple of years playing the game with my dad and family, I began to increase my playing circle socially with my primary buddies before and after school. It was fun as we would come early to school just to play the game and after school thats was something which kept us busy.  During the 80’s, La Salle PJ was a school which was known for its Badminton and other sports. They produced many young talents for the state and country. I always felt that it was a prestige to be part of the La Salle Badminton training and it was so difficult to join. I owe my good cousin Barry who was at that time training who one day introduced me to Mr. Moe Chin Keat or some would call him CIKU. Ciku gave me a shot and asked me to stroke with his kids who were training. I remember during my first day at training, we did lots of basic stroke play which caught me by suprise as I tought it was all about playing games however the stoke play was so important in building my foundation.

One of the key basic elements for every player is the Lob. A lob is a stoke whereby a player hits the shuttle from one baseline to the other baseline. The idea of the lob is to push your opponent to the back of the court in order to open up a play or it is used as a defensive manner for you to get back your center court position.

The first thing I learnt was to practice our lobs till we can hit the shuttle to the baseline with ease. In my early days I found it very tiring and difficult to hit the shuttle from one baseline to the other as there were a few factors to this.
1. My technique was wrong. I was hitting the shuttle from the side instead of the top of my forehead.

2. The arm position was important as I had to learn how to use my left hand to point at the key contact point while my right shoulder was kept at a 45 degrees angle. The rotation of your right arm is also important so that you get to hit the shuttle at the highest reach of the racquet and the right angle and the right momentum for the shot.

It took lots of practice of me to get the lob right. How we used to practice, was my coach would give us around 20-30 minutes a day to lob the shuttle from one baseline to the other. I remember my first few experience of lobbing was quite bad as I felt that my arm was going to come off. After lob-ing 3-4 times a week on the 20 minute lobs, our task became more difficult as we had to hit and keep the lob in the air 100 – 200 times each person. That part of the training actually strengthens our arms for more lobs to come and prepared us well for games.

After mastering the lob from one baseline to the other, we learnt about the 3 types of lob for various situations.
1. Defensive lob – A lob which is hit extra high from one baseline to the other. The racquet head for this has to be facing up when hitting the shuttle which uses extra strength. The shuttle would shoot up and high which gives you time to recover while it descends.  This stoke is used when a player is placed in an off position at the baseline and needs time to recover to the center of the court.

2. Normal lob – A lob which is normally used where the lob is hit in an average height from one end to the other. We normally use this stroke when we just want to move the player around the baseline.

3. Shooting lob – An attacking lob whereby players use this to catch a player off guard or to move him quickly to the baseline for the next attacking move. Players would normally have the racquet head flat while hitting the shot and they would normally hit the shuttle just above the height of the opponent (when he raises is racquet). You would need to hit the shuttle with some pace to actually catch your opponent.

After learning these 3 lobs, it was interesting for me at that time to apply the lobs against various opponents of various occasions in the game. All of the lobs as above should be used at the right time to get the best effect of the game. I think it’s very important for any player to learn the lob and I hope this video which I found would help you improve your skill.

Happy Lob-ing!

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  1. rICHard permalink
    April 23, 2010 11:10 pm

    Thanks 4 the info

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