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Li-Ning China Open 2008 – Taufik & Gade goes down in the Quater Finals

November 21, 2008

Looks like we had some exciting results in the Quarter Finals of this year’s China Open. Sad to say that all the people I was supporting to win, didn’t manage to get thru today. That’s badminton for you; there are so many variables to winning.

Let’s start with the Men’s Singles, Taufik Hidayat entered the game as the favourite against Du Yupeng of China. As we know, Taufik has been on form in the past few games, but as I mentioned earlier there are many variables to winning and this time around, it just wasn’t Taufik’s day. He went down 22-20 & 21-11. From the interview Taufik said that he man “Thousands of mistakes” during the game and because of that he lost control of the game. It’s never ever easy to play against a player who is in his/her own home and I felt that was another variable which contributed to his loss. Oh well, Taufik for sure knows that sometimes you win some and sometimes u lose some.

Peter Gade was another of my favourites to move to the semis; however he went down to our Malaysian veteran Wong Choon Han 17-21, 21-18 21-16. Peter Gade making his comeback from injury was looking to bag his second title of the year in China, but it was not meant to be. Both Peter and Choon Han still has a lot to offer the sport. Both of them are great ambassadors on and off the court. Looking at today’s results, you can see that it was a good battle between the veterans. I’m sure the Chinese fans were entertained and got their money’s worth.

“I should have won the game and I was looking forward to the game against Lee Chong Wei tomorrow, ” Gade noted after the match. He won the first set but then had a disastrous second set.

In the second set I was controlling the game then he took a break and when he came back, he played very well, Gade said, adding “I was better than Choong Han in most of the game, but he played very well — the best I’ve seen he played for a long time.” – Souce the official China Open website.

I think during a game, keeping your focus in very important. You should always take it point by point and set by set. I think Peter Gade lost his focus during the game and could not regain his momentum hence why he lost. On the upside, Choon Han was mentally strong to come back from the first set to take the second and third set. Great work Choon Han!

Finally in the men’s doubles my buddy Chong Ming went out to the number 3 seeds from Korea Lee Yong Dae/Jung Jae Sung 21-14 & 21-9.  Good job to Chong Ming and Chew Eng to qualify to the quarters however the Koreans were just too strong for them. It would have been great if Chong Ming would have gone further however he knew that the quarters wasa a hurdle for him. Before the tournament I SMS’ed him to wish him luck and I also told him I was supporting him to win. His reply was he’s getting old however he’ll surely do his best while enjoying the game when he plays. Making the quarters is an achievement by anyone’s standards. All the best in HK Chong Ming!

To sum it up.. Losing makes you a stronger person and helps you grow with the game. On the other hand, there’s always the Hong Kong Open next for one to prove him/herself.

As my favourite defender from Liverpool Neir Ruddock would say “Win or lose, first to the booze”. Party on guys!

Ciao da mao


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