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Zhao – The Former great…

October 9, 2008

Zhao Jian Hua

Zhao Jian Hua

Arguably the most deceptive player of all time and one of the best player of his era, Zhao Jian Hua is a player that needs little introduction. For those who have not heard of him, his titles consist of the world championship, world grandprix, all England, and many others throughout his illustrious career. He is also a team member of the holy trinity of singles in badminton team event during the 1988 Thomas cup winning team with the likes of Yang Yang and Xiong Guo Bao.

Zhao Jianhua:

Born in 1965, height 1.83m, left hander, originates from Jiangsu Province. Entered sports school at the age of 12, majoring in Badminton. Selected into the Jiangsu Badminton squad (province level) at the age of 13. Won Jiangsu City badminton competition at the age of 16.


He was China’s rising star.
A year later, in Nov 1984 Defeated Morten Frost to win the Scotland Open.
Jan 1985, he defeated Morten Frost and Han Jian to win the Japan Open.
Apr 1985, he won the All England by defeating Liem Swie King in semifinal (2-0) and Morten Frost in final (2-1).

Zhao Jianhua had defeated four world class players within 3 months. This news shocked the world in badminton and soon he was recognized as one of the “FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS”.

In 1986, he recovered from a lung disease which had forced him to rest for a year. And he soon won the Malaysia Open, Asian Games, China Open and Thailand Open.

Zhao is well known for his attacking play and hard smashes but the illness caused him to rely more on his skill and deft cross courts chops to the side line.

I have been searching for a video of a match where he played with Indonesia’s Ardy Wiranata in the 1991 World championship semifinals where he went on to beat Allan Budi in the finals. That match to me was one of Zhao’s great performances where he displayed everything of the classic player and today’s modern player.

Back to his achievements:

1987, he won the World Cup.

1988, Thomas Cup.

1990, Thomas Cup and All England.

1991, World Champion and World GP Finals Champion.

1994, Zhao Jianhua entered a management college in Singapore, and also became a coach in a secondary school and advisor of Singapore National Squad.

Zhao is a player that’s on top of my player list where the classic players possess skills and strokes and modern players possess speed and power, he has it all.

*Some contents are snippets taken from other internet resources

1990 AE Open – MS F – Zhao Jianhua vs Joko Suprianto – (1/3)  

1990 AE Open – MS F – Zhao Jianhua vs Joko Suprianto – (2/3)

1990 AE Open – MS F – Zhao Jianhua vs Joko Suprianto – (3/3)

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  1. Mark D. Lee permalink*
    October 10, 2008 12:43 am

    Zhao to me is one of my all time Favourites.. He was one of the first few players to have evolved the game to a faster style and play.

    His chops were fantastic and so hard to read.. I know I wanted to play like him and Rashid Sidek.

    Rashid was my No. 1 player in 1992 and when Zhao played Rashid in the Thomas Cup Finals.. I supported Rashid and one of the rare occasions was when Rashid defeated Zhao in M’sia to win the Thomas Cup!

    What’s your best Zhao moment guys?

  2. szeken permalink
    October 10, 2008 1:33 am

    Can’t seem to find the video of one of his great moments but if you can search for it…. World championship in 1991 semifinal match with Ardy Wiranata.

  3. Frank permalink
    October 13, 2008 9:19 pm

    any older generation will remember Zhao JianHua but i dont recall any former state player with the name Ho Sze Ken… maybe this guy is just a poser… i think i can give him 10 points handicap and beat him flat….

  4. szeken permalink
    October 14, 2008 12:00 pm

    Hey! This site is not a secret anymore huh… I don’t remember sending any links out. By the way how is JB treating you?

    Pls feel free to comment or say about the topics posted here……


    add a post.

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