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Yonex Japan Open 2008- Finals Video

September 21, 2008

Hey ya peeps…

This years Japan Open came with lots of suprises here and there.. It was packed with fun and exciting moments together with many young talents on the rise. Lets just look at today’s finals and talk a little about the winners and losers 🙂 Again thanks to our buddy mmorita3 in YouTube we have videos of the games.

Men’s Singles Champion – Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Indonesia)

This was a battle I thought Lee Chong Wei (M’sia) would have won easily againts Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Ind) however in the lovely game of badminton, anything can happen. Sony Dwi Kuncoro seeded 2nd in this tournament produced a big win for himself by defeating the top seed and current world No. 1 Lee Chong Wei 21-17 & 21-11. The first set Chong Wei at one point was leading 16-12 however he didnt manage to hold him composure to take advantage of that lead. Sony on the other hand, played some good shots to win.

In the second set, it was Sony all the way and Chong Wei looked like he just didnt have it in him to win it. All credit to Sony for the wonderful win. The game lasted for 40 mins and it was Sony Dwi Kuncoro’s day.  From what I hear, Chong Wei played with an injured arm in the finals, hence if you notice, he did not smash much in the game.

Match Statistics


Game 1 Statistics

Game 1 StatisticsGame 2 Statistics

Women’s Singles Champion – Yihan Wang (China)

The unseede Wang Yihan produced another upset by defeating the seventh seed Mi Zhou (Hong Kong) 21-19, 17-21 & 21-15. I didnt manage to catch the game and am hoping to find the video on youtube by tomorrow. Anyhow we can analayse the game thru the statistics below. From what we see in the stats, the game was very close however Wang Yihan had more smash winners and net winners. The game lasted for 1.01 hours.

Match Statistics

21 Smash winner 23
19 Net winner 21
8 Clear winner 9
7 Other 6
6 Most consecutive points 7
4 Game points 5
114 Rallies played 114
55 Rallies won 59
Game 1 Statistics

Game 1 Statistics


Game 2 Statistics

Game 2 StatisticsGame 3 Statistics

Men’s Doubles Champion – Lars Paaske, Jonas Rasmussen (Denmark)
This was an exciting game whereby we have the experienced Lars and Jonas who are seeded second in this tournament versus the 18 year old Indonesian Muhammad Ahsan, Bona Septano. The game was fun to watch as the Indonesians known for their pace and power and the Danish who we’re known for their intelligent plays.
Lars and Jonas played a brilliant 1st and 3rd game by limiting their opponents to play their usual fast and powerful game. Lars played very smartly in the front of the court anticipating many shots while controlling the game from the front of the net. They managed to force the Indonesians to play their kind of game and they forced the Indonesians to very difficults angles and shots to return. In the end of the game, their experience counted and lead them to victory 21-17, 15-21 & 21-13.

During the game, one thing which the commentator highlighted was the service is very important in a doubles match as a good service will create an opportunity for one to attack after the service.. I totally agree with her on this as the Danish pulled off some great service while lead them to winning the game.

Match Statistics

18 Smash winner 24
19 Net winner 12
1 Clear winner 2
13 Other 19
3 Most consecutive points 5
1 Game points 3
108 Rallies played 108
51 Rallies won 57
Game 1 Statistics

Game 1 Statistics

Game 2 Statistics

Game 2 StatisticsGame 3 Statistics

Women’s Doubles Champion – Shu Cheng, Yunlei Zhao (China)
Once again we have another upset when unseeded Shu Cheng, Yunlei Zhao defeated the number four seed Eei Hui Chin,  Pei Tty Wong (M’sia) 21-19, 5-21 & 21-18. As I was watching the game, what I came to realise is that  our Malaysian pair played a very defensive game. They did not attack much and when they had chances to attack, the attacked didnt cause any impact to the Chinese pair. I think the Malaysian pair need to train more on agility and spend more hours in the gym.
Match Statistics
19 Smash winner 28
5 Net winner 10
2 Clear winner 2
21 Other 18
6 Most consecutive points 12
6 Game points 1
105 Rallies played 105
47 Rallies won 58
Game 1 Statistics

Game 1 StatisticsGame 2 StatisticsGame 3 Statistics

Well thats all for now folks.. Overall it was a good competition to watch and I enjoyed watching the games on YouTube and on TV. There are some new talents for us to watch in the next coming games.. Stay tuned tomorrow guys as I’ll be compiling the videos for the Japan Open in one post.
Ciao da mao!
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