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Japan Open 2008 – Videos

September 19, 2008

Helllo there Badminton Freaks..

Guess what I’ve found in my Favourite site.. Yes Finally the Japan Open Videos clips!! Thanks to a fan who captured this video using his handy cam, we’re able to catch a few glimps of the action in Japan. We’ll here it goes:

1. Roslin (M’sia) vs Soni (Men’s Singles Quaters)

Well this clip justifies the score 21-16 & 21-11. Roslin has to change his style of play in order to be competitive. His style of play is very much useful or is good when you play in the old format of 15 points. These days you would need speed and strength which he lacks.

2. Lee Chong Wei (M’sia) vs Yanbo Qiu (Chi)

Well this video looks a little blur and I cant identify the players exactly however based on the style of play I looks like its Chong Wei. If you guys can indentify them, pls do give me a buzz.. Chong Wei won this game 21-17 & 21-17. Again, you can see how tricky and how fast Chong Wei plays..

 3. Taufik (Ind) vs Perrson (Den)

Viewing this cip, it still indicates that Taufik has yet to recover his form. I hope that one day Taufik will get back his form to challenge Chong Wei and Lin Dan.. I always wonder who would come up tops in their peak comparing Taufik, Lin Dan and Chong Wei. I think Taufik would win however I dont really think he will ever regain his form as per before..

Ciao da mao

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