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Beijing Olympics Badminton Videos

September 1, 2008

Well somehow its quite difficult to find badminton videos on the net.. Thanks to YouTube, here are some of the videos which I’ve managed to get…

My Fav Moments from the Badminton Beijing OlympicsBadminton:

1. First, the Badminton Doubles Finals between Markis Kido – Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia) vs Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng (China). The Indonesians played some fantastic doubles against China’s top pair. They managed to come back from behind to overcome the 6.900 fans to win a game which was filled with smashing moments throughout. Honestly I didn’t expect this after they lost the first game… they showed that being No. 1 you have to be strong mentally to maintain focus throughout the game..

2. My second favourite final was the Women’s Singles Finals between Zhang Ning (China) vs Xie Xingfang (China), where Zhang Ning won 21-12 10-21 and 21-18. This game was filled with exciting moments from the start to the end. The game showcased that age doesn’t matter too much just as long as you have the willpower to fight it thru. Zhang showed us just that by overcoming the odds to beat the current world no.1 Xie Xingfang. Honestly, Zhang has stamped her mark at the games by defending her previous Olympic Gold medal.

3. The third video would be the Bronze medal match between Indonesia’s young and rising star Maria Kristin (Indonesia) who upset the world no.3 Lu Lan (China) 11-21, 21-13 and 21-15. No one expected Maria to go far in the games, however she created the most upsets as she managed to overcome her various seeded opponents to grab to Bronze for Indonesia.

4. Finally the Men’s Singles finals was the most anticipated game everyone wanted to watch.. No doubt many people were disappointed with the way Chong Wei (Malaysia) lost to Lin Dan (China), however if you take a step back and look at it, you would see that Lin Dan did what Usain Bolt did for the 100m. Lin Dan had a point to prove to the world and he choose the right time to prove his supreme dominance in the sport by giving Chong Wei a whooping. There can never be a World Record for badminton, but the scoreline in that finals would never be repeated for sure in the future Badminton Olympic Finals.

Ciao da mao!

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