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The Badminton Battle Dome

August 11, 2008

Two days to the start of the Biggest… I mean BIGGEST, badminton tournament ever in 2008… With a total of 172 players (86men and 86 ladies) registered for this coming tournament, I believe this time around there would be tons of exciting and memorable moments for us spectators and for the players.

Many of you have already seen how the Football, Aquatic and basketball stadiums look like. Since there is not much seen or heard about the badminton stadium, I figured why not just talk a little about the badminton arena where the badminton warriors clash head to heads for the ultimate badminton glory.

Venue: Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium
Location: Beijing University of Technology
Total Seating: 6,900 pax
Total land surface: 22,269 sq m

3D Birds eye view.. Looks very impressive for a badminton stadium.

3D Birds eye view.. Looks very impressive for a badminton stadium.


Inside view of the courts, seating area and the ceiling.

Inside view of the courts, seating area and the ceiling.

The stadium looks really huge from the outside; however it’s sad to see that only 6,900 people can watch the finals in there. I was hoping that, from the outer look of the stadium, it would fit 10,000 – 15,000. Well, good side about the 6,900 seating space is that when Lee Chong Wei plays any Chinese players, the taunting will not be that bad 🙂 The rubber courts should be the standard one used for all major tournaments and so would the shuttles. The only thing that the players should worry about would be the lighting and the wind.

According to Rexy Minaky (Malaysia’s doubles coach) in the NST, “The players are fine with the lighting and were only little concern with the wind. BUT all players will face similar conditions so we all just have to accept these things.” I do agree that wind would be a factor in any big stadiums plus it will be even a bigger factor since it’s a new stadium. I like what Rexy said about all players will be facing similar conditions… This reminds me of what we were taught before by CIKU and my dad – “your opponents will play in the same courts as you and in the same conditions, so if you want to win, stay focused on the game and not on the excuses.”
Will we see the winds change powers away from China at the badminton courts? We’ll just have to wait and see who will be Kings and Queens to rule the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium.
Ciao da mao
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