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Olympic Journey with Zhang Ning

August 11, 2008

Hey fellow Shuttle freaks.. How’s it going? Hope all you guys are having a smahing weekend and you all had the chance to watch the best opening ceremony in an Olympic Games yesterday.

I was surfing you tube for some badminton videos and I found this video of Zhang Ning’s preparations for the Beijing Olympics. She amazes me as a player and as a person. At 33 she’s still playing the game she loves and she is still giving more than 100% in hopes to defend her title she won 4 years ago. To do so, it takes a lot of hard work in training to be in the competitive condition.

This video is amazing as it shows you the insights of a Chinese badminton player… It also shows you how Zhang Ning started her career in badminton and what badminton means to her. The video also gives you an insight of player preparations before her game and her life besides badminton. You can also see a clip of Zhang Ning playing a game with Mew Choo (M’sia) and during the 11 point break, you can hear what Li Yong Bo’s advice to her was. I always thought Yong Bo was the kind of coach who would use forceful words to motivate you but this video shows otherwise.

In Badminton you start playing at a young age which is before 11 years old.. by 12-13 years old you normally start dedicating more time training and you’re playing district and small club competitions. By 18 – 21 you would already know if you have the chance to represent your country and if you are a world contender. Not everyone make it thru to this stage. When you start playing for your country, you will want to be No. 1 and it takes a even harder job to become No. 1. At the end of the day, not everyone can achieve what Zhang Ning has and this video shows your what exactly it takes to be No. 1.. This video is great stuff and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…

Ciao da mao

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  1. August 20, 2008 11:36 am

    Great blog! Those videos really were great stuff. Zhang Ning looks so old on the court but quite young otherwise.

  2. Mark D. Lee permalink*
    August 20, 2008 4:05 pm

    Hi Aldosco,

    Thanks for coming by the blog, we’ll I hope this blog will become a central area for badminton players or fans to start sharing their ideas, knowledge, videos, product views on the game…

    Zhang didnt look old in the court to me 😛 she looked like a 29 year old and she played like a 25 year old winning the gold..


  1. Zhang Ning retains Beijing Olympic Singles Gold « Badminton and Shuttletalks

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