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Overall Badminton Olympic Medal Tally

August 11, 2008

Hi Badminton Freaks!

I found some interesting statistics on the overall Badminton Olympic medal tally since1992. It was no surprise to me that China was leading the pack followed by our neighbor Indonesia. What surprised me most is South Korea and Denmark who are ahead of Malaysia in the overall standings. What’s so surprising to me is that Malaysia, who spends loads of $$$ and effort on development/building/maintaining the team are ranked 5th in the overall medal tally. South Korea and Demark on the other hand, has a smaller base and badminton following compared to Malaysia has a more balanced (Men’s and Women’s) team. Malaysia on the other hand depends too much on its Men’s team to deliver the goods compared to the other nations

In the Men’s medal tally, Indonesia leads the pack with the likes of Alan Budi Kasuma & Taufik Hidayat among the gold medalist… South Korea has been doing fairly well in the past collecting the second highest medals followed by China who are 3rd overall.

Most of China’s overall medals came from their Women’s team. They lead the Women’s Badminton Olympic tally with 5 gold, 3 silver, 7 bronze followed by South Korea and Indonesia.


I predict China will climb to 2nd spot in the Men’s medal tally while their Women’s team will continue to dominate and lead the pack.



Ciao da mao
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